• Effective Copper Abietate Fungicide For Fungal Control Formulation Liquid Concentrate
  • Effective Copper Abietate Fungicide For Fungal Control Formulation Liquid Concentrate
Effective Copper Abietate Fungicide For Fungal Control Formulation Liquid Concentrate

Effective Copper Abietate Fungicide For Fungal Control Formulation Liquid Concentrate

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HEYI
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Detail Information

Chemical Class: Organic Copper Compound Shelf Period: 2-3 Years
Crop: Vegetable Fruit Tree Residual Activity: Up To 14 Days
Target Pests: Fungal Diseases Feature: Eco-friendly
Storage: Keep In Cool And Dry Place Condition Classification: Fungicide And Technical
High Light:

Liquid Concentrate Copper Abietate Fungicide


Fungal Control Copper Abietate Fungicide


Effective Copper Abietate Fungicide

Product Description

Product Description:

Copper abietate fungicide is a cutting-edge solution designed to protect a wide array of crops from the detrimental effects of fungal and bacterial diseases. This product stands out in the market for its eco-friendly formulation, which supports sustainable agricultural practices while providing effective disease control. As conscious farming practices gain momentum, copper abietate fungicide offers growers a responsible choice that aligns with environmental stewardship without compromising on efficacy.

One of the most striking features of copper abietate fungicide is its eco-friendly nature. The product is formulated to minimize the impact on non-target organisms and the surrounding ecosystem, making it a preferred option for farmers who are committed to preserving the natural balance of their farming environments. With the increasing demand for sustainable farming inputs, copper abietate fungicide is a product that resonates with the needs of modern agriculture, providing peace of mind to farmers who are as concerned about environmental health as they are about crop protection.

The application timing of copper abietate fungicide is crucial for optimal results. It is recommended to apply the product at the first sign of disease, which allows for immediate action against the pathogen and prevents the spread of infection throughout the crop. Early application not only helps in containing the disease but also reduces the potential for significant crop loss, thereby securing the yield and quality of the harvest. This proactive approach ensures that crops remain healthy and robust, and that farmers can look forward to a successful growing season.

Proper storage of copper abietate fungicide is essential to maintain its effectiveness and shelf life. The product should be kept in a cool and dry place to ensure that its properties remain intact. By adhering to these storage conditions, the fungicide's performance is preserved, and farmers can rely on its potency whenever disease management is required. This aspect of product care is particularly important for growers who need to have a readily available supply of fungicide for timely applications throughout the growing season.

The application rate of copper abietate fungicide is another key consideration for farmers. At a rate of 1800ml/ha, this fungicide offers excellent coverage and disease control, ensuring that the entire crop receives adequate protection against fungal and bacterial diseases. The recommended rate has been carefully determined to provide the most effective dose for disease prevention and control, helping to secure the health and productivity of the crop. This precise application rate also assists in the responsible use of the fungicide, minimizing waste and ensuring that the environmental footprint of its use is kept to a minimum.

The appearance of copper abietate fungicide as a liquid formulation offers several advantages in terms of ease of use and application. Liquid fungicides are known for their uniform coverage and rapid absorption, which are critical factors in achieving effective disease control. The liquid form ensures that the active ingredient is distributed evenly across the crop, providing a consistent barrier against invasive pathogens. Additionally, liquid fungicides are generally easier to handle and mix, which streamlines the application process for farmers and applicators.

Copper abietate, the active ingredient in this fungicide, has a proven track record of controlling a broad spectrum of fungal and bacterial diseases. Its mode of action disrupts the life cycle of pathogens, preventing them from infecting and damaging the plant tissue. Copper abietate's efficacy against bacteria disease is particularly noteworthy, as bacterial infections can be fast-spreading and difficult to manage. By choosing copper abietate fungicide, farmers are equipping themselves with a powerful tool to tackle both fungal and bacterial threats, ensuring the protection of their crops from a variety of diseases.

In summary, copper abietate fungicide is an exemplary product that offers eco-friendly disease control, timely application, proper storage stability, an effective application rate, and a convenient liquid appearance. Its effectiveness against both fungal and bacterial diseases makes it an indispensable ally for farmers aiming to safeguard their crops and maximize yields while upholding environmental values. As the agricultural sector evolves, copper abietate fungicide will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in the integrated disease management strategies of progressive and sustainability-minded growers.



  • Product Name: Copper Abietate Fungicide
  • Chemical Class: Organic Copper Compound
  • Residual Activity: Up to 14 Days
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years
  • Formulation: Liquid Concentrate
  • Target Pests: Fungal Diseases
  • Application Method: Leaf Spraying
  • Distinctive Feature: Green Color
  • Active Ingredient: Copper Abietate

Technical Parameters:

Melting Point 163℃
Crop Vegetable, Fruit Tree
Application Rate 1800ml/ha
Formulation Liquid Concentrate
Classification Fungicide And Technical
Storage Keep In Cool And Dry Place Condition
Application Timing At First Sign Of Disease
Shelf Life 2 Years
Target Pests Fungal Diseases
Compatibility Compatible With Most Pesticides


The HEYI Copper Abietate fungicide is a premium quality product originating from CHINA, known for its efficacy in combating a variety of fungal diseases that can afflict crops. This fungicide falls under the classification of both fungicide and technical, ensuring that it meets the needs of both general use in agriculture and specialized applications requiring technical-grade products. Designed to be eco-friendly, HEYI Copper Abietate contributes to sustainable agricultural practices by offering a solution that is considerate of the environment while being tough on disease.

One of the most suitable application occasions for HEYI Copper Abietate is in the care and maintenance of fruit trees. As growers are well aware, fruit trees are particularly susceptible to a range of fungal diseases that can compromise not just the yield but also the quality of the fruit. By applying HEYI Copper Abietate, farmers can protect their orchards from these threats, ensuring that the green color of leaves remains vibrant, indicative of healthy growth and the potential for a bountiful harvest. The product's compatibility with most pesticides also allows for seamless integration into existing crop protection programs, without the worry of adverse chemical reactions that could harm the trees.

Different scenarios where HEYI Copper Abietate can be especially beneficial include pre-emptive treatment at the beginning of the growing season to prevent fungal outbreaks, as well as targeted applications when the first signs of disease appear. Additionally, after adverse weather conditions that often promote the spread of fungi, such as prolonged periods of rain or high humidity, it is crucial to apply a reliable fungicide to safeguard the fruit trees. Copper Abietate's ability to adhere to foliage and its slow-release properties make it an excellent choice for such scenarios, providing long-lasting protection that growers can trust.

For storage, it is recommended to keep the HEYI Copper Abietate in a cool and dry place condition to maintain its efficacy and shelf life. Proper storage ensures that when the time comes to use the fungicide, its performance is optimal. As an eco-friendly product, HEYI Copper Abietate is a responsible choice for farmers who are conscious of their environmental footprint but still require effective solutions to protect their crops from target pests, particularly fungal diseases that can compromise the health of their fruit trees.



Introducing HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide, the eco-friendly solution originating from CHINA, designed to tackle fungal diseases with efficiency. Apply HEYI Copper Abietate at the first sign of disease to ensure optimal protection. Its advanced formulation is perfect for leaf spraying, ensuring thorough coverage and disease management. With a shelf period of 2-3 years and an application rate of 1800ml/ha, this product is an excellent choice for sustainable agriculture practices. Trust HEYI to keep your crops healthy and disease-free with our Copper Abietate fungicide.


Support and Services:

The Copper Abietate Fungicide is a highly effective product designed to protect a wide range of plants from fungal diseases. It is formulated to provide both preventive and curative actions against pathogens such as rusts, blights, and mildews. For the best results, apply the product at the first sign of disease or as a preventative measure during conditions that are known to favor fungal growth.

To use the Copper Abietate Fungicide, thoroughly mix the specified amount with water according to the label instructions and apply evenly over the foliage. Reapply as necessary, following the guidelines provided for the specific type of plant or crop being treated. Always wear protective clothing and equipment when handling and applying the fungicide to minimize exposure.

Store the Copper Abietate Fungicide in a cool, dry place, away from children and pets. Ensure the container is tightly sealed to prevent moisture from entering, which could affect the efficacy of the product. Dispose of any unused product and its container in accordance with local regulations.

If you experience any difficulties with the product or have technical questions, our Product Technical Support team is available to assist you. We offer guidance on product application, handling, storage, and troubleshooting. Additionally, we provide resources to help you understand the best practices for using the product safely and effectively to achieve optimal plant health and disease control.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and product performance extends beyond the sale. We continuously strive to improve our products and services by incorporating user feedback and staying abreast of advancements in plant pathology and fungicide technology. Our support services are designed to give you peace of mind and confidence in using our products to protect your plants.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Copper Abietate Fungicide is securely sealed in industrial-grade, airtight containers to ensure product integrity and effectiveness. The containers are resistant to corrosion and are designed to preserve the chemical properties of the fungicide. Each container is clearly labeled with product information, usage instructions, safety warnings, and expiration date to ensure proper handling and application.

Shipping Information: Copper Abietate Fungicide is classified as a hazardous material and is shipped in compliance with all relevant transportation regulations. The product is handled with care and is transported in vehicles that are equipped to manage hazardous goods. The shipment includes a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to provide the carrier and the recipient with the necessary safety and handling information. All packages are inspected before dispatch to ensure they meet the required safety standards.



Q1: What is the active ingredient in HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide, and how does it work?

A1: The active ingredient in HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is copper abietate. It works by releasing copper ions when in contact with the fungi, which disrupts the enzyme systems of the fungi, leading to the prevention of spore germination and fungal growth.

Q2: Can HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide be used on all types of plants?

A2: HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is versatile and can be used on a wide variety of plants, including fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and turf. However, it is always best to check the label for specific usage instructions and to test a small area of the plant for sensitivity before applying it to the entire plant.

Q3: How should HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide be applied?

A3: HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide should be applied according to the instructions on the product label. Typically, it is diluted with water and sprayed onto the foliage of the plants. Ensure even coverage to effectively protect the plants from fungal diseases.

Q4: What is the recommended frequency for applying HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide?

A4: The frequency of application depends on the level of disease threat and the type of plant being treated. Generally, it can be applied every 7 to 10 days, or as needed when conditions favor disease development. Always follow the label's recommended rates and intervals.

Q5: Is the HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide manufactured in compliance with environmental standards?

A5: Yes, HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is manufactured in CHINA with a commitment to environmental standards. It is designed to be effective against plant diseases while minimizing the impact on the environment when used as directed.

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