• Against Bacteria Disease With Organic Copper Compound 1800ml/ha
  • Against Bacteria Disease With Organic Copper Compound 1800ml/ha
Against Bacteria Disease With Organic Copper Compound 1800ml/ha

Against Bacteria Disease With Organic Copper Compound 1800ml/ha

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HEYI
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Detail Information

Formulation: Liquid Concentrate Residual Activity: Up To 14 Days
Feature: Eco-friendly Target Pests: Fungal Diseases
Classification: Fungicide And Technical Application Rate: 1800ml/ha
Storage: Keep In Cool And Dry Place Condition Chemical Class: Organic Copper Compound
High Light:

Against Bacteria Disease Organic Copper Compound


Organic Copper Compound 1800ml/ha

Product Description

Product Description:

Copper Abietate Fungicide is an advanced solution designed to combat a wide array of fungal diseases that pose a threat to the health and productivity of fruit trees. As a highly effective fungicide, this product is crucial for farmers, gardeners, and horticulturalists who strive to maintain the well-being of their crops. The technical classification of Copper Abietate places it at the forefront of plant protection measures, ensuring that users are applying a state-of-the-art chemical agent to safeguard their plants.

One of the key advantages of Copper Abietate Fungicide is its compatibility with most pesticides. This feature makes it an extremely versatile addition to any plant care regimen, allowing it to be integrated seamlessly with other treatments. This compatibility reduces the complexity of managing plant health and streamlines the application process, which is particularly beneficial during the busy growing season when time and efficiency are of the essence.

When it comes to residual activity, Copper Abietate Fungicide offers up to 14 days of continued protection following a single application. This extended period of disease control minimizes the need for frequent reapplications, thus saving time and resources. The long-lasting effect of the fungicide ensures that fruit trees remain shielded from the relentless onslaught of fungal pathogens that can otherwise lead to significant crop loss and reduced fruit quality.

The target pests of Copper Abietate Fungicide are specifically fungal diseases that can infect and damage fruit trees. These diseases can manifest in various forms, such as powdery mildew, blight, rusts, and cankers, which can be devastating if left unchecked. Copper Abietate is meticulously formulated to address these threats, providing broad-spectrum control and preventing the spread of infection, thereby preserving the health of the fruit trees.

The application process of Copper Abietate Fungicide is incredibly user-friendly, with leaf spraying being the primary method of deployment. This approach ensures that the fungicide is evenly distributed across the foliage, providing comprehensive coverage and maximum protection. Leaf spraying also enables the product to adhere to the plant surfaces effectively, enhancing the duration of its fungicidal action and ensuring thorough disease management.

As a fungicide, Copper Abietate falls into a special category of plant protection products that are both preventive and curative. Its technical nature signifies that it has been developed through rigorous research and testing to meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. By utilizing Copper Abietate Fungicide, growers are employing a scientifically-backed defense against the most common and damaging fungal diseases that affect fruit trees.

Proper storage of Copper Abietate Fungicide is essential to maintain its effectiveness. The product should be kept in a cool and dry place condition, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This precaution helps to ensure that the chemical composition of the fungicide remains stable and ready for use when needed. Adhering to the recommended storage guidelines will extend the shelf-life of the product and guarantee that its performance is not compromised over time.

In conclusion, Copper Abietate Fungicide represents a vital tool in the arsenal against fungal diseases in fruit trees. Its compatibility with other pesticides, extended residual activity, and efficacy in combating a wide range of fungal pathogens make it an indispensable product for anyone invested in the health of their fruit trees. By following the straightforward leaf spraying application method and adhering to the proper storage conditions, users can ensure their crops receive the best possible protection. Copper Abietate Fungicide is more than just a chemical treatment; it is a commitment to the sustained production of healthy, bountiful fruit crops.



  • Product Name: Copper Abietate Fungicide
  • Residual Activity: Up To 14 Days
  • Chemical Class: Organic Copper Compound
  • Storage: Keep In Cool And Dry Place Condition
  • Shelf Period: 2-3 Years
  • Formulation: Liquid Concentrate
  • Application: Ideal for leaf spraying
  • Appearance: Green color
  • Environmental Impact: Maintains green color of foliage

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Chemical Class Organic Copper Compound
Melting Point 163℃
Storage Keep In Cool And Dry Place Condition
Formulation Liquid Concentrate
Application Timing At First Sign Of Disease
Compatibility Compatible With Most Pesticides
Residual Activity Up To 14 Days
Crop Vegetable Fruit Tree
Feature Eco-friendly
Shelf Period 2-3 Years


HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is a high-quality agricultural product originating from CHINA that provides an efficacious solution for managing fungal diseases in various crops. This liquid concentrate is specially formulated to target a wide array of fungal pathogens that can devastate vegetable and fruit tree yields. The versatility of HEYI Copper Abietate makes it suitable for a broad range of application occasions and scenarios, ensuring crops remain healthy and productive.

One of the primary application scenarios for HEYI Copper Abietate is leaf spraying. This method is highly effective in delivering the fungicide directly to the foliage, where most fungal infections like powdery mildew, downy mildew, and leaf spots tend to start. The liquid formulation ensures that the product adheres well to the leaves, providing a protective barrier against fungal spores. For optimal results, farmers and gardeners should apply the fungicide at the first sign of disease or as a preventative measure, especially during the wetter months when fungi are most active.

HEYI Copper Abietate is also an excellent choice for combating bacteria disease in plants. While primarily a fungicide, its active ingredient has the capacity to manage certain bacterial infections as well. Regular treatment with this product can help control bacterial spot, canker, and other bacterial diseases that can be just as damaging to crops as fungal issues. Its broad-spectrum effectiveness makes it a go-to solution for integrated pest management programs.

The liquid appearance of HEYI Copper Abietate ensures ease of mixing and application. Farmers can use various types of sprayers to distribute the fungicide evenly across their crops. It is recommended to follow the label instructions for dilution rates and application frequency to achieve the best protection for the crop. Thanks to its stable formulation, HEYI Copper Abietate has a shelf period of 2-3 years, providing long-term reliability for growers who need to maintain a consistent supply for ongoing crop management.

Suitable for use in both small-scale gardens and large agricultural operations, HEYI Copper Abietate fungicide can be applied during various growth stages of the crop. However, it is crucial to avoid application during flowering to protect beneficial pollinators. With its origin in CHINA, this product reflects a commitment to quality and effectiveness in plant disease control. By incorporating HEYI Copper Abietate into their crop care regimen, farmers and gardeners can ensure their vegetables and fruit trees are protected from the devastating effects of fungal and bacterial diseases.



Brand Name: HEYI

Place of Origin: CHINA

Feature: Eco-friendly

Classification: Fungicide And Technical

Formulation: Liquid Concentrate

Target Pests: Fungal Diseases

Compatibility: Compatible With Most Pesticides

Introducing HEYI's copper abietate fungicide, expertly crafted in CHINA for the eco-conscious gardener and farmer. This premium fungicide is designed to combat a range of fungal diseases with its potent liquid concentrate formulation. Perfect for leaf spraying applications, HEYI's copper abietate fungicide promises to deliver reliable protection for your crops while being compatible with most pesticides. Choose HEYI for sustainable and effective plant care solutions.


Support and Services:

The Copper Abietate Fungicide product is designed to provide reliable protection against a range of fungal diseases in various crops. It contains copper abietate as the active ingredient, which is known for its fungicidal properties. The product is formulated to offer both preventative and curative action, ensuring your plants receive the best defense against fungal pathogens. For optimal results, it should be applied as directed, taking into consideration the timing, dosage, and application method suitable for your specific crop and target disease. Always adhere to the recommended safety measures and environmental guidelines when using this product. For any technical support or services regarding the Copper Abietate Fungicide, please refer to the product manual or consult a professional agronomist to ensure the effective and safe use of the product in your agricultural practices.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Copper Abietate Fungicide is securely packaged in industry-standard, durable containers designed to preserve the integrity and efficacy of the product. Containers are sealed and labeled in accordance with regulatory requirements, ensuring safe handling and storage. Please refer to the packaging label for specific instructions and precautions.

Shipping: The product is shipped following all applicable transportation regulations for hazardous materials. It is handled with care to prevent damage during transit, and is shipped with proper documentation to ensure it reaches its destination safely. Customers are advised to inspect the package upon arrival and report any concerns to the carrier or our customer service team immediately.



Q1: What is the active ingredient in HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide, and how does it work?

A1: The active ingredient in HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is copper abietate. It functions by releasing copper ions, which are toxic to fungi. These ions disrupt the enzyme systems of the fungi, preventing them from performing essential functions, thereby inhibiting their growth and spreading.

Q2: Can HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide be used on all types of plants?

A2: HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is versatile and can be used on a wide range of plants. However, it is always best to check the label for specific instructions and to ensure that it is suitable for the particular plant species and disease you are targeting.

Q3: How should HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide be applied for optimum results?

A3: For best results, apply HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide as a foliar spray, thoroughly covering the leaves and branches of the plant. It should be applied at the first sign of disease and may need to be reapplied at intervals specified on the product label, especially after heavy rain or irrigation.

Q4: Is HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide safe for the environment?

A4: When used as directed, HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is safe for the environment. It is important to follow the label instructions carefully to minimize any potential environmental impact. Avoid overuse and runoff into waterways, as copper can be toxic to aquatic organisms.

Q5: How should I store HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide, and what is its shelf life?

A5: Store HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ensure the container is tightly sealed when not in use. The shelf life of the product will vary, but when stored properly, it can last for several years. Check the packaging for the expiration date and any additional storage instructions.

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