• 2-3 Years Shelf Period Leaf Spraying Liquid For Effective Pest Management
  • 2-3 Years Shelf Period Leaf Spraying Liquid For Effective Pest Management
2-3 Years Shelf Period Leaf Spraying Liquid For Effective Pest Management

2-3 Years Shelf Period Leaf Spraying Liquid For Effective Pest Management

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HEYI
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Detail Information

Melting Point: 163℃ Shelf Life: 2 Years
Crop: Vegetable Fruit Tree Appearance: Liquid
Compatibility: Compatible With Most Pesticides Target Pests: Fungal Diseases
Chemical Class: Organic Copper Compound Application Timing: At First Sign Of Disease
High Light:

Effective Pest Management Period Leaf Spraying


Period Leaf Spraying Liquid

Product Description

Product Description:

The Copper Abietate Fungicide is a premium agricultural product designed to protect a wide range of crops from fungal diseases. With its highly effective active ingredients, this fungicide ensures that your crops remain healthy, maintaining a vibrant green color. Classified as both a fungicide and a technical solution for plant disease management, Copper Abietate Fungicide is an indispensable tool for farmers and gardeners aiming for high-quality yields.

This product boasts an optimal application rate of 1800ml/ha, making it a cost-effective option for large-scale agricultural operations as well as smaller gardens. The application rate has been meticulously calculated to ensure maximum efficacy with minimal product wastage. When applied correctly through leaf spraying, the fungicide forms a protective barrier on the foliage, which prevents the establishment and spread of fungal pathogens.

Leaf spraying with Copper Abietate Fungicide should be initiated at the first sign of disease. Early application is crucial to prevent the infection from taking hold and spreading throughout the crop. This timely intervention helps maintain the aesthetics of the foliage, preserving the lush green color that is indicative of healthy plants. The fungicide works by creating an environment on the leaf surface that is inhospitable to fungi, thereby halting their life cycle and preventing the disease from progressing.

The shelf period of Copper Abietate Fungicide is another outstanding feature, offering longevity and stability with a shelf life of 2-3 years. This extended shelf period ensures that the product retains its potency over time, allowing growers to confidently store and use the fungicide over multiple growing seasons. It is important, however, to store the product as per the manufacturer's instructions to maintain its effectiveness throughout its shelf life.

In terms of physical properties, Copper Abietate Fungicide has a melting point of 163℃. This high melting point indicates the product's stability under normal storage conditions and ensures that it remains in its intended form until it is ready to be used. This property is particularly important for maintaining the consistency and reliability of the product's performance, even in regions that experience high temperatures.

Overall, the Copper Abietate Fungicide is a robust solution for the management of fungal diseases in crops. Its ease of application through leaf spraying, combined with an effective application rate and a long shelf life, makes it a valuable addition to any plant care regimen. By applying this product at the first sign of disease, growers can protect their crops, conserve the desired green color of the foliage, and ultimately achieve better yields. Whether you are dealing with a small garden or a large agricultural operation, Copper Abietate Fungicide provides the protection your plants need to thrive.



  • Product Name: Copper Abietate Fungicide
  • Application Rate: 1800ml/ha
  • Storage: Keep In Cool And Dry Place Condition
  • Classification: Fungicide And Technical
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Shelf Period: 2-3 Years
  • Effective Against: Bacteria Disease in Fruit Trees

Technical Parameters:

Classification Fungicide And Technical
Storage Keep In Cool And Dry Place
Shelf Period 2-3 Years
Shelf Life 2 Years
Formulation Liquid Concentrate
Chemical Class Organic Copper Compound
Application Rate 1800ml/ha
Residual Activity Up To 14 Days
Feature Eco-friendly
Crop Vegetable Fruit Tree


The HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide, originating from CHINA, represents a significant advancement in the realm of eco-friendly plant protection. Its liquid formulation is designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of agricultural and horticultural scenarios, ensuring that crops remain healthy and vibrant. With its liquid concentrate appearance, this fungicide is specifically tailored for ease of use and effectiveness, making it an indispensable tool for farmers and gardeners alike.

The application of HEYI Copper Abietate is recommended at the first sign of disease, to thwart the progression of fungal infections that can devastate crops. Its unique feature of being eco-friendly allows it to be used without causing harm to the surrounding environment, making it a conscientious choice for sustainable farming practices. The fungicide's green color is a visual testament to its environmental compatibility, signaling a commitment to agricultural methods that prioritize the health of the ecosystem.

Application scenarios for HEYI Copper Abietate are diverse, but one of the most common and effective is leaf spraying. This method ensures that the fungicide is directly applied to the foliage where the fungal pathogens often take hold. The direct application helps in the quick and efficient absorption of the fungicide, allowing for rapid action against the disease. For optimal results, the product should be stored in a cool and dry place condition, safeguarding its potency and ensuring that its efficacy is maintained from storage to application.

Whether it's a small-scale garden or a large agricultural operation, the need for reliable and environmentally responsible disease control is universal. HEYI Copper Abietate serves as a trusted ally in the fight against fungal diseases, providing a green solution that benefits both the crops and the planet. Its ease of application and storage, combined with the powerful defense it offers against plant pathogens, makes it an essential product for various application occasions and scenarios where plant health is of paramount importance.



Introducing our HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide, meticulously crafted to provide optimal protection for your crops. Originating from CHINA, this premium fungicide boasts a melting point of 163℃, ensuring stability under various conditions.

Experience enduring defense against fungi with our product's residual activity lasting up to 14 days, minimizing the need for frequent applications. The HEYI Copper Abietate is specifically designed for efficient leaf spraying, targeting the fungi where they thrive.

Thanks to its Eco-friendly formulation, our copper abietate fungicide is safe for the environment and is highly recommended for sustainable agriculture practices. Additionally, it is fully compatible with most pesticides, allowing for seamless integration into your existing crop protection regimen.

Classified as both a Fungicide and Technical solution, HEYI Copper Abietate is the go-to choice for effective leaf spraying, ensuring the health and productivity of your crops.


Support and Services:

The Copper Abietate Fungicide is a premium quality product designed to provide effective protection against a broad spectrum of fungal diseases in various crops. Its unique formulation ensures long-lasting disease control, promoting healthier plants and improved yields. For optimal results, apply the product according to the label instructions and adhere to all safety guidelines.

Technical support for Copper Abietate Fungicide includes assistance with product application, dosage recommendations, tank mix inquiries, and compatibility with other agricultural inputs. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcomes when using our product.

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the performance of Copper Abietate Fungicide, we offer comprehensive services to diagnose and address your concerns. We are committed to providing top-tier support and ensuring your satisfaction with our fungicide.

To maintain the efficacy of Copper Abietate Fungicide, it is essential to store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Proper storage will ensure the quality of the product is preserved until its next use.

For further guidance on the use of Copper Abietate Fungicide, including application techniques and safety precautions, please refer to the detailed product manual or resource guides. Our commitment to your success includes providing you with the necessary tools and information to use our product safely and effectively.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Copper Abietate Fungicide is packaged in a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) container that is resistant to chemical degradation and protects the contents from moisture and contamination. The container is sealed with a tamper-evident closure to ensure product integrity. A clearly printed label includes product information, usage instructions, and safety warnings. The packaging is designed to be durable for transportation and storage, while ensuring ease of use for the end user.

Shipping: The Copper Abietate Fungicide is classified as a hazardous material and is shipped according to the regulations governing the transportation of chemicals. The product is securely packed within secondary containment to prevent leaks and spills during transit. All packages are labeled with the appropriate hazard classification labels and include a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the carrier's reference. The shipment is handled by certified carriers specialized in the transportation of hazardous materials to ensure safe and compliant delivery to the destination.



Q: What is the active ingredient in HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide?

A: The active ingredient in HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is copper abietate, which is used to control various fungal diseases in crops.

Q: Can HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide be used on all types of plants?

A: HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is versatile but may not be suitable for all plant types. It's important to check the product label for specific usage instructions and to ensure it's safe for your particular plants or crops.

Q: How do I apply HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide to my plants?

A: HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide should be diluted with water as per the instructions on the product label and applied using a sprayer. It is crucial to follow the recommended application rates and intervals for the best results.

Q: Is HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide environmentally friendly?

A: HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is formulated to be as environmentally responsible as possible. However, as with all chemical products, proper handling and application should be followed to minimize environmental impact.

Q: Where is HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide manufactured?

A: HEYI Copper Abietate Fungicide is manufactured in CHINA, ensuring adherence to strict manufacturing standards and quality control.

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