• Agricultural Seedling Diseases Fungicide Difenoconazole 95%TC Powder
  • Agricultural Seedling Diseases Fungicide Difenoconazole 95%TC Powder
Agricultural Seedling Diseases Fungicide Difenoconazole 95%TC Powder

Agricultural Seedling Diseases Fungicide Difenoconazole 95%TC Powder

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HEYI
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Detail Information

Loss On Drying: ≤1.0% Active Ingredient: Fungicide
Usage: Agricultural Target: Seedling Diseases
Apperance: White Powder Mode Of Action: Systemic
Application Method: Spray Pesticide: Difenoconazole 95%TC
High Light:

Difenoconazole 95%TC Powder


Agricultural Difenoconazole 95%TC


Seedling Diseases Difenoconazole 95%TC

Product Description

Product Description:

Our premier Fungicide Pesticide product is an exceptional solution designed to combat a wide range of fungal diseases that threaten agricultural crops. Developed with cutting-edge science and rigorous testing, this product offers farmers and agricultural professionals a robust tool to protect their plants, ensuring a healthy and bountiful harvest. The active ingredient in our fungicide is specifically formulated to halt the growth and spread of pathogenic fungi, safeguarding the vitality of crops from planting through harvest.

The application of our Fungicide Pesticide is conveniently managed through spraying, which allows for even distribution and deep penetration of the product to the areas where it is most needed. This method ensures that the active fungicide reaches the target pathogens effectively, providing comprehensive protection for your crops. The spray application is designed to be user-friendly and can be adapted to a variety of spraying equipment, from hand-held units for small-scale gardens to larger, mechanized sprayers for extensive agricultural fields.

At the core of our Fungicide Pesticide is the active ingredient, azoxystrobin, known for its broad-spectrum activity against a wide array of fungal diseases. Azoxystrobin is a systemic fungicide, which means it doesn't just protect the surface of the plant but is absorbed and moves within the plant's tissues, safeguarding the entire plant from the inside out. This active ingredient is renowned for its ability to provide long-lasting protection and is considered one of the most effective fungicidal agents available in the market.

The suspensibility of metalaxyl in our product is greater than or equal to 60%, indicating a high degree of reliability in the formulation. This high suspensibility ensures that when sprayed, the fungicide remains well-dispersed within the solution, allowing for consistent application and effectiveness against plant pathogens. The stability of the suspension also means that the product maintains its potency over time, reducing the need for frequent reapplications and saving both time and resources.

Our Fungicide Pesticide boasts a purity level of 39%, providing a potent and concentrated formula that is effective even at lower application rates. The high purity of the active ingredient ensures that each application delivers a powerful punch against fungal diseases, maximizing the product's efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This level of purity is a testament to the rigorous quality control measures in place, ensuring that every batch of our fungicide meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Designed for agricultural use, our Fungicide Pesticide is suitable for a broad spectrum of crops, including but not limited to cereals, fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. It effectively targets a range of fungal pathogens that can cause devastating diseases such as rusts, blights, mildews, and rots. By protecting crops from these threats, our fungicide helps in securing the food supply and improving the economic stability of farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole.

The inclusion of azoxystrobin in our fungicide formula offers several advantages. Azoxystrobin works by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration in fungi, shutting down their energy supply and preventing them from infecting plants. This mode of action is effective against both active infections and in providing a protective barrier that prevents future infections. Furthermore, azoxystrobin has been shown to enhance the green leaf area and boost plant health, which can lead to improved yield and crop quality.

In conclusion, our Fungicide Pesticide is a highly effective, reliable, and user-friendly solution for the control of fungal diseases in agriculture. With the advanced action of azoxystrobin and the high suspensibility and purity of the product, farmers can trust in the protection it offers to their crops. By choosing our Fungicide Pesticide, you are investing in the health of your plants and the success of your agricultural endeavors. Protect your crops with confidence and watch them thrive with our superior fungicide protection.



  • Product Name: Fungicide Pesticide
  • Pesticide: Difenoconazole 95%TC
  • Color: WHITE/GREY
  • Application Method: Spray
  • Loss On Drying: ≤1.0%
  • Suspensibilityofmetalaxyl: ≥60%
  • Active ingredient: Difenoconazole for effective fungus control
  • Reliable efficacy with Difenoconazole as a key component
  • Contains high-quality Difenoconazole for long-lasting protection

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Purity 95%
Usage Agricultural
Application Method Spray
Pesticide Difenoconazole 95%TC
Storage Keep In Cool And Dry Place
Target Seedling Diseases
Suspensibility of Metalaxyl-M ≥60%
Mode Of Action Systemic
Suspensibility ≥60%


The HEYI brand, originating from CHINA, has established itself as a leading name in the agricultural sector with its advanced fungicide pesticide. This product is designed to address the persistent challenge of seedling diseases which can severely affect crop yield and quality. The active ingredients, including difenoconazole and azoxystrobin, are known for their efficacy in combating a wide range of fungal pathogens, making HEYI fungicide an essential tool for farmers and agricultural professionals.

HEYI fungicide's application scenarios are diverse, catering to a variety of crops and plantations. Its usage is particularly recommended during the critical phases of plant development when seedlings are most vulnerable to fungal attacks. Application occasions may include pre-emptive treatments in greenhouse settings or outdoor applications in fields where environmental conditions are conducive to the proliferation of fungal diseases. Regular spraying of HEYI fungicide can help in maintaining the health and vigor of seedlings, thus ensuring a robust foundation for crop growth.

One of the key attributes of HEYI fungicide is its eco-friendly profile. The product is formulated to be safe for use in the environment, minimizing the impact on non-target organisms and supporting sustainable farming practices. This consideration is crucial for modern agriculture, where the balance between effective pest control and environmental stewardship is increasingly important.

Storage of HEYI fungicide is straightforward, requiring it to be kept in a cool and dry place to maintain its efficacy. This ensures that the product remains potent and ready for use when the need arises. The application method is by spraying, which allows for uniform coverage of the crop and ensures that the active ingredients, difenoconazole and azoxystrobin, are effectively distributed to target the disease-causing fungi.

Overall, the HEYI fungicide stands out for its strong action against seedling diseases, its eco-friendly composition, and its easy application method. Whether it’s for preventative care or to address existing fungal issues, HEYI fungicide is an indispensable asset for achieving healthy crops and bountiful harvests.



Discover the HEYI brand, your premier choice for eco-friendly fungicide solutions. Originating from CHINA, our product is crafted with a potent Active Ingredient, specifically designed to target a variety of fungal pathogens. With a 39% Purity level, our fungicide ensures effective treatment while maintaining environmental safety.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our stringent control of the Loss On Drying, maintained at ≤1.0%, guaranteeing the stability and consistency of our fungicide. The powerhouse pesticide component, Difenoconazole 95%TC, is incorporated to deliver superior protection against a wide spectrum of diseases.

Presented in a professional WHITE/GREY color, our fungicide not only performs effectively but also maintains an aesthetic neutrality when applied. Additionally, the formulation is enhanced with metalaxyl-m, further extending its protective capabilities and solidifying its status as a top-tier, eco-friendly fungicide choice for your cultivation needs.


Support and Services:

Our Fungicide Pesticide Product Technical Support and Services team is dedicated to providing you with the guidance and assistance you need for the effective use of our product. We are committed to ensuring that you have all the necessary information to safely and efficiently protect your crops from fungal diseases.

Our services include providing detailed product information, application guidelines, safety precautions, and tips for optimal storage and handling. We aim to help you maximize the efficacy of our fungicide while minimizing any environmental impact.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding our fungicide, our technical support team is ready to provide you with solutions and advice tailored to your specific situation. We provide troubleshooting assistance, advice on best practices, and updates on the latest research and developments in fungal disease management.

Please note that our product support does not include on-site assistance. However, we offer extensive resources online, including FAQs, product manuals, and instructional videos, which can help address many common concerns and enhance your product experience.

For the best results, we encourage users to follow the labeled instructions carefully and adhere to all local regulations regarding fungicide application. Always wear protective gear when handling and applying the product to ensure your safety.

Thank you for choosing our Fungicide Pesticide. We are here to support you in achieving healthy, disease-free crops.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: The fungicide pesticide is securely packaged in a durable, sealed container to ensure the integrity and efficacy of the product. Each container is labeled with product information, usage instructions, safety measures, and regulatory compliance. The packaging is designed to protect the product from moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures, maintaining its shelf life and effectiveness.

Shipping: Fungicide pesticide products are classified as hazardous materials and are shipped in accordance with all applicable regulations and guidelines to ensure safety and compliance. The products are carefully packed to prevent leaks or damage during transit. Proper documentation, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), accompanies each shipment to provide handlers with necessary safety and emergency information. It is imperative that handlers wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow the recommended handling procedures to minimize risks during transportation.

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